What Is Healing Theory

Behind Healing Theory:

A mother and her daughter combined modern sciences with time tested Ayurveda to develop healing theory - Miss Epshita Jalan and Mrs. Anju Jalan. Ms. Epshita is the founder and formulator at Healing Theory, a Biotech Engineer and a European cosmetic science master, trained under beauty industry experts of Europe and UK. 
The mother Jalan, Mrs. Anju, is an ayurvedic practitioner for over 30 years and is a portrait of timeless beauty herself. They have worked tirelessly to bring Healing Theory into existence - A Holistic beauty line with Healing intention at its core, developed with the natural elements of nature. 

 Asteria | Healing Theory

Why did Epshita start a skincare line?

Epshita | Healing Theory

I lived in many different climates over the years. From North Indian pollution to South India’s equatorial sunlight to European Cold. My skin was exposed to abrupt temperature, food, and lifestyle changes.
Had all kinds of skin problems: oily T-zone, breakout prone, visible pores, out of balance and mild rosacea, you name it. I was a confused brand hopper and tried to find anything that might help. I began to learn about ingredients and how they affect skin.
Being a biochem engineer, this piqued my interest in skin care chemistry and I started training under the top industry professionals in Europe and became a cosmetic scientist. I was able to study the best ways to extract plants and use them in skincare in Italy with one of Europe's leading botanical research institutes.
When I moved back to India, my mom, who was an Ayurvedic practitioner for more than 30 years, introduced me to potent Indian herbs that were being used raw. Our goal was to create a simple and effective skincare line that used Indian botanical extraction techniques on Indian plants.

How was Healing Theory born?

We created the brand with a core vision of bringing actual healing to the consumers. Everyone I met would ask me solutions for their dark circles, hair fall, aging skin, hyperpigmentation and I realized it was not the lack of knowledge among customers but the product quality in India. 

Healing Theory Healing Theory
Every Healing theory product is based on the principle of nourishing the body using elements that are close to its natural habitat. A Himalyan Tiger survives with different food and environment compared to an amazonian tiger, this principal was born there. We as Indian’s have different skin types, different weather and pollution levels, and different diets. Even though we have a certain kind of faith in international brands, those formulations would not work on our Indian skin.
That's where the Idea of Healing Theory was born, Healing for Indian skin using Indie-based plant ingredients.

How do we make - Healing First formulations?

Clean Indie- derived plant biotics: The core of our formulations are the Indie plants, sourced from Glacial Himalayas to Kerala Backwaters.These plants are fermented for months in vegetal excipients, catalyzed by probiotics, to extract potent plant nutrients that deliver excellent skin healing.

Healing Theory

Good Chemicals: Committed to creating a modern skincare line, I believe in eradicating chemo phobia. Our formulations are packed with concern targeting molecules that are clean, mild & effective. Our priority is to use ingredients that will give skin the perfect texture, effects, and benefits. To achieve this, we look for all innovative active ingredients and technologies.

Healing Theory

GMP Certified Facilities & Dermatologically tested Formulas: All our products are manufactured under GMP certified facilities approved by the Ministry of Ayush (India), to ensure stringent quality control. Furthermore, All our products go under extensive testing for both product efficacy and sensory evaluation. We follow a strict protocol to ensure product safety, starting from, Raw materials testing, batch testing of each product for pH, product stability, batch consistency, dermat testing and Sensory Evalution of each product by a consumer panel of 20-30 people for 4 weeks

Healing Theory

Not in our ingredients dossier: We steer clear of Artificial Fragrance, Colorants or dyes, Alcohol or Heavy metals and 26 Allergens identified by European commission of cosmetics to ensure Healing first. 

Did you know artificial fragrance and colors contain over 200 chemicals and most of those chemicals are banned by European Cosmetics Union as allergens? Fragrance and colorants may cause allergic reactions, disrupt skin barrier & microbiome, and sensitize skin. Thus, All Healing Theory products are free of any artificial fragrance or colors!

Healing Theory

Every product Healing Theory curates, is backed by state of the art craft and legacy-driven experience, in addition to being derived directly from mother earth. As a brand, we recognize the importance of being in the skin that you are in. We help our customers to respect and protect their skin.

We cover a broad range of products from head to toe.

Skin Care-

1) DREAM SEARIN - A Luminous Cream Mist
2) ASTERIA - A Retinoid Sleeping Serum
3) THEIA- A Dew Jelly Serum
4) EARTHEN - A Face Mud clay Balm
5) AQUA VEIL – A Saffron Radiance Mask
6) VIRGIN ALOE-A 99% Cold Pressed Aloe vera

Hair Care-

1) AMBROSIAL 11:11 - A Luscious Scalp Oil
2) SOS RESCUE - A Mineral Hair Mask
3) SUPERFLUITY-A Pre-shampoo Mist
4) VIRGIN ALOE-A 99% Cold Pressed Aloe vera

Body Care-

1) SAPT REIKI- An Inner Glow Nabh Oil
2) INDIE HART - A Body Treatment Oil
3) NOIR BUFF - A Body Scrubbing Polish
4) VIRGIN ALOE-A 99% Cold Pressed Aloe vera

All of our products are sourced directly from India. Our guiding principles are to create products that are honest, with healing intent and good faith. Every product is designed to help you fall in love with the healing process.


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