Come, Fall in love with the process of Healing!

We conceptualise and create healing first formulations. The next generation will know healthy skin rather than perfect skin.

Our Value Pillars

simple . honest . goodness

Simple formulations, honest healing intent & good faith are our guiding principles that we hang on our proverbial hat while working on any product. Each product is carefully crafted to make you fall in love with the process of healing.

Our Inspiration

We are from this land. There is a Divine presence here & we have profound respect for the local culture, the ancient traditions and the forgotten wisdom.

India has come a long way, but ayurveda is still looked at as old wives tale. We are on a mission to make ayurveda fun, cheerful and take Indie-derived beauty to the next gen!

Indulge in clean oils & healing waters of India.



“Living in different weather conditions over the years, from North Indian pollution to South India’s equatorial sun to European Cold, my skin was exposed to sudden temperature, food & lifestyle changes.

I had all kinds of skin issues: breakout prone, oily T-zone, out of balance, mild rosacea, visible pores, you name it. I was a confused brand-hopper, searching for anything that would help, but nothing really worked. I decided to educate myself about ingredients, how skin reacts to them, and what roles they play in a formulation.

I trained myself under the best industry experts of Europe, today to be known as a Cosmetic Scientist. Being in Italy, with one of the biggest botanical research institute, I studied plants, best way to extract them and utilise them in Skincare.​

Once I moved back to India, my mom, an Ayurvedic practitioner for over 30 years, introduced me to potent Indian herbs, that were being used in raw form. We decided to create a skincare line - simple & effective, based on Italian botanical extraction techniques on Indie herbs.”


How do we make


Clean Indie- dervided plant biotics

The core of our formulations are the Indie plants, sourced from Glacial Himalayas to Kerala Backwaters.

These plants are fermented for months in vegetal excipients, catalysed by probiotics, to extract potent plant nutrients that deliver excellent skin healing.

Good Chemicals

Committed to creating a modern skincare line, our formulators believe in eradicating chemo phobia. Our formulations are packed with concern targeting molecules that are clean, mild & effective.

Our priority is to use ingredients that will give skin the perfect texture, effects, and benefits. To achieve this, we look for all innovative active ingredients and technologies.

GMP Certified Facilities & Formulas under Ministry of Ayush

All our products are manufactured under GMP certified facilities approved by Ministry of Ayush, India to ensure stringent quality control.

Dermatologically Tested

All our products go under extensive testing for both product efficacy and sensory evaluation.

We follow a strict protocol to ensure product safety:

1. Raw materials sampling, testing and recording

2. Batch testing of each product for pH, product stability, batch consistency, dermat testing

3. Sensory Evalution of each product by a consumer panel of 20-30 people for 4 weeks

No artificial fragrance or colours

Did you know artificial fragrance and colours contain over 200 chemicals and most of those chemicals are banned by European Cosmetics Union as allergens?

Fragrance and colourants may cause allergic reactions, disrupt skin barrier & microbiome, and sensitize skin.

Thus, All Healing Theory products are free of any artificial fragrance or colours!

Not in our ingredients dossier

Artificial Fragrance

Colorants or dyes

Heavy metals

26 Allergens identified by European commission of cosmetics

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